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Northern High School Library: Our Mission


Our Mission

 Mission Statement


The mission of the Northern High School library program is to make our library a welcoming place to our students, teachers and community members as we promote a love of reading. We strive:

  • to encourage the pursuit of personal interests through reading and research
  • to support student achievement of curricular goals and objectives
  • to encourage curiosity about the world around us
  • to empower students to become discriminating users of information
  • to provide up-to-date resources in a variety of formats and the training to use them
  • to promote academic excellence and instill academic integrity.


Our vision is to promote active learning by empowering students to be critical thinkers, effective and ethical users and producers of ideas and information, and lifelong readers and learners.

Meet Your Librarian

Meet Your School Librarian...

Mrs. Gillis has been the School Librarian at Norther High School for 3 years. She is responsible for collection development, library budget, professional development for the use of media and technology, teaching research and technology skills, research/curriculum development, and maintaining the library webpage and Twitter account. She is one of school's contact for Schoology assistance. She is a member of School Improvement Team (SIT), Equity Team Co-sponsor of Minority Scholars a leadership group for minority (any under-represented community) students that seeks to break negative stereotypes and prepare young minorities for college, and the sponsor of the Student Library Committee  She is also a certified Common Sense educator.

Mrs. Gillis received her Bachelors Degree and Masters of Library Science Degree (MLS) from North Carolina Central University.
  She can be reached at 443-550-8950 or

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