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Barstow Elementary Library Information

The library at Barstow Elementary School is open from 8:35-4:05pm every school day.  Every student has a library lesson for 45minutes each week as part of the resource schedule.  Fifth grade students are able to check out two books every week while all the other grade levels may check out one.  Students have the opportunity to exchange books on their way to class in the mornings prior to BNN morning announcemnts.  Therefore, if students finish a book before their library day or just do not like the book they chose during library, they do not have to wait a week to get a new one.  The library lessons are integrated lessons with technology and curriculum.  They follow the School Library Standards as well as Calvert County curriculum.  


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Mission Statement

The Barstow Elementary Vision/Mission/Motto

Our vision as the school community is to foster life long learners.

Our mission as a school community is that we will commit ourselves to supporting and respecting each other through collaboration and open communication.  Students will take pride in meeting or exceeding academic and social expectations. Our learning environment will be safe, challenging, and engaging.  We will support and respect the needs of the whole child and their individual learning styles.


Our motto as a school is to Work harder to get smarter!



Meet Your Librarian

Mrs. Music grew up on Long Island, New York.  She moved to Maryland after graduating college with a BA in Elementary Education.  She was a 2nd grade teacher for three years and a first grade teacher for 1 year.  This is her 28th year in education.

She has a Masters of Library Science from the University of Maryland.  She has enjoyed being a school librarian for the past 24years.

Mrs. Music states that the best part of being a librarian is having the ability to teach every single student in the school.  She loves the variety of lessons and curriculum she is able to master in order to teach different grades.  She also loves to see students reading for pleasure.  


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