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AASL Chapter of the Year Application: Overview and Essay

Maryland Association of School Librarians

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MASL communicates regularly with all MASL members.  We use a variety of methods, including a monthly newsletter.  The monthly newsletter contains:

  • President's Message
  • Librarian Spotlight
  • Upcoming Events
  • Book Reviews
  • Get Involved
  • In Case You Missed It

Each month, a different school librarian is highlighted in the newsletter for a variety of different accomplishments.  Our newsletters contain book reviews and links out to AASL books, professional development, meetings, and volunteer opportunities. 

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Our communications team and members are very active on social media.  MASL uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote opportunities.

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MASL Listserve

New this year is our MASL list-serve.  This feature for MASL members is a great way to share ideas and get answers to questions! 

Essay - Why Maryland?


Over the past 4 years, the Maryland Association of School Librarians has grown.  Not only have we grown in numbers, but we have grown in our ability to come together to be a productive, amazing, and incredible statewide association for school librarians.  Under the leadership of Brittany Tignor (2018-2019) president, MASL made incredible strides in communications, awards and activities.  This leadership trend continued with April Wathen (2019-2020) president.  Through their leadership, MASL developed a strategic plan, started a leadership retreat, and built the association.  Jen Sturge (2020-2021) took the helm on July 1, 2020, and is looking to continue the trend of growth and excellence.  

MASL has moved to a new website which is much more user friendly for its members.  The communications committee has amped up MASL's social media presence and regular communication with members.  Our members are appreciative of the professional development opportunities that are being offered - including Talk About it Tuesdays where content and conversation is member driven.

During 2019, Maryland had a delegation of over 20 MASL members attend AASL in Louisville.  Maryland has had delegates at Mid-Winter and ALA.  MASL members serve on AASL committees and are a regular part of AASL governance.  Many of the MASL executive board members serve in some capacity with AASL - either on a taskforce, as a volunteer, or in an elected position.  Brittany Tignor attended the AASL Virtual Membership meeting as a MASL representative, and MASL has submitted concerns to AASL and ALA in 2020 and in 2019.

MASL has grown!  We are growing!  Our leadership is apparent in everything we do and MASL would feel honored to be named as AASL Chapter of the Year and continue to lead and grow.

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