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AASL Chapter of the Year Application: Support of AASL

Support of AASL

american association of school librarians

ALA Elections Webinar

2020 ALA Elections

image: American Library Association on Twitter: Voting for the ALA elections ends tomorrow.  Accessed 23 November 2020.

MASL hosted an election webinar for our members with Steven Yates and Patty Wong. The webinar was hosted as a round table and each candidate was able to present their platforms, positions, and answer questions posed by MASL members.



MASL at AASL 2019

I love my Librarian Retweet

i love my librarian

MASL members are nominated for this award yearly.

Library Impact Survey

library impact survey tweet

MASL delegate Tanesha Love tweeting about MASL's support of the Library Impact Survey.

Support of AASL

Support of AASL

aasl logo

  • Brittany Tignor is a chapter representative for AASL. Additionally, she has served as:
    • Member, Affiliate of the Year Award Committee, 2020
    • Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Award Committee, 2019
    • Member of the Intellectual Freedom Award Committee, 2018
    • Region 2 Representative, 2018
  • Dedra Van Gelder has served on the committee for the Miss Honey Social Justice Award for 3 years.
  • Donna Mignardi served on the task force which re-wrote The Instructional Role of the School Librarian position statement.
  • Jennifer Sturge is the chair-elect of the Supervisor Section of AASL. Additionally she:
    • Chaired The Instructional Role of the School Librarian Taskforce position statement committee. 
    • Co-chair of programs committee for AASL National Conference 2021
    • Reviewer for AASL conference 2019
    • Reviewer for ALA, 2018
    • Member of Leadership Development Committee
  • Laura Hicks ran for national office in 2020. Additionally she has served as:
    • AASL Board of Directors, Region 2, 2016-2019
    • ALA Council
    • Member at Large 2019 - present
    • AASL Practice Committee 2020 - present
    • ALA Committee on Professional Ethics 2020 - present
    Lindsey Weaver is the second delegate to AASL
  • Tanisha Love is MASL's delegate to AASL

School Library Month

april is school library month

MASL celebrates school library month yearly.  MASL members routinely work to have boards of education recognize the importance of School Library Month and to have local governments recognize school library month as well.  Pictured below is Lauren Lynn, MASL member and Jennifer Sturge, MASL President being recognized by their Board of Education.

Lauren and Jen


MASL md tweet



MASL members attended AASL town halls and shared AASL's School Librarian Role in Pandemic Learning Conditions with administrators.

town hall

image: Tweet from Tanisha Love, Delegate for MASL to AASL

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