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AASL Chapter of the Year Application: National School Library Standards

NSLS Adopted by Maryland

AASL Standards

MASL members worked with MSDE on the adoption of the NSLS as the Maryland State Library Standards.  

Book Study

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April Wathen facilitates part two of a study of the NSLS. Part one was facilitated last year.  Librarians can earn credits toward recertification for this joint effort by the Maryland Association of School Librarians and Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).  In the spring, MASL will again partner with MSDE for the leadership course.

NSLS Trainers

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Brittany Tignor and Laura Hicks were trained at AASL 2017 to be trainers for the standards and have provided training across the state of Maryland for school districts and groups of librarians including MASL. April Wathen also provides professional development on the standards in the form of two book studies of the standards.

MASL Website

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The Maryland Association of School Librarians website features a page devoted to learning, reading, and engaging with the standards.  Visit it here.

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