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Patuxent High School Library: Research Help

Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources. Questions? Contact me by email at

Creative Commons

Go to Creative Commons

Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world. Visit their website to decide which license is right for your work.

Tools You Can Use

Office 365 - Manage your school email and documents.

Noodle ToolsNot just a citation generator, NoodleTools will help you create and organize notes too. A powerful research tool.

OWLPurdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is the premier source of help for research and writing used by college students everywhere.

Calvert Library

Go to Calvert Library

Calvert LibraryVisit a branch and use your CRAB card. This card entitles you to borrow materials for free and to use the library's online reference services at any internet computer. You automatically have this card - Just use the pre-fix "calv"+student ID#. For example, calv12345! **Check out the Kids&Teens tab for Teen Events, Homework Help, Ask of Now!, History Fair Help and more!!


Why does copyright matter?

Whenever you create an original work of text, music, video, or image you automatically own the copyright for it. That's right! No need to apply or register. You control copies, distribution, performance, and display of your work, with the exception of its use for news, criticism, and education (see Fair Use).

Using copyrighted works in a classroom for the purpose of teaching and learning is OK.  However – and this is important -  you may be violating copyright if you use those same works in remixes or for club flyers, videos for school events,  or written materials unrelated to school assignments. It's always best to use copyright-cleared images and videos. When you use copyrighted works you need to ask for permission. To obtain permission, you must determine the copyright owner of the material you intend to use, contact the owner, obtain permission to use the work, and -- in some cases -- pay the owner a fee.

College Libraries

Many local college libraries are good sources of information. Students may visit the libraries to use their print materials.  The school websites also have good web directories for homework help.

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