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Calvert High School Library: History Fair

National History Day Resource Page

National History Day Theme Book

Getting Started --- Review the Theme --- Select a Topic

This year’s theme, Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.  The theme is chosen for the broad application to world, national, or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past. "This theme asks students to consider how people exchange information and interact with each other. Students have the chance to explore how the methods and modes of communication have changed over time, and how they have shaped the present. Major inventions like the telephone, the telegraph, and the television stand out in our minds as obvious examples of how communication has changed over time. Yet, communication is more than just these inventions. It is about how words, thoughts, or ideas are exchanged throughout history."

The dictionary  defines communication as “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.” History is filled with stories about people, groups, or nations either communicating or failing to communicate with each other. Before we can understand these stories, we must go beyond common definitions of communication and recognize the many ways people communicate. Only then can we begin to investigate the impact communication has had on social and political changes throughout history.
For more information on theme view the 2021 NHD Theme Book --



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