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Windy Hill Middle School Library: 8th grade

Black History Month - Mrs. Schatz

  1. You will work in teams of two.
  2. One person will open the first link "Black History Month CLUE BOARD".
  3. The second person will open "Scavenger Hunt Q & A".
  4. Each question will tell you which clue holds the answer.  Read the question, then go to the clue to find the answer.
  5. Click the Red "Click Here" circle to go back to the main CLUE BOARD.
  6. Go through each question, using the CLUE BOARD to find the answer.
  7. Raise your hand when all questions are answered.

Digital Citizenship

Hour of Code

Book Tasting

  1. Click on a link below.  Explore the author and their books.
  2. Click on at least four links to explore.
  3. Write down any titles that you might want to check out on the green "Guest Check" in the center of the table.
  4. On the big easel up front, write titles that you like but we don't have in our library.
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