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National School Library of the Year Application 2021: Collection Report

This is the electronic portfolio for the National School Library of the Year application for 2021 for Calvert County Public Schools.

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This page contains information about our collection analysis and our collection reports.  Each school has submitted a graphical analysis along with the collection report worksheet that can be accessed at the link below.

Collection Report Profile

Below you will find the breakdown of diverse titles percentage of collection. Each librarian looked at the percentage of diverse titles, percentage of titles that support social emotional learning, and the percentage of fiction and non-fiction titles included in the collection. Our entire district started learning about diversity auditing and how to conduct a diversity audit in 2017.  We have slowly been working toward our goal of more diverse collections over the past 3 years.  It is a work in progress, and it is work we are very proud to be undertaking. Our goal has been to increase the diversity of our collection by 10% and we are reaching higher numbers in each building.


Barstow Elementary


SEL Titles


Calvert High School

CHS copy breakdown

Huntingtown High


Mutual Elementary

mutual elementary

Northern High

northern high

Plum Point Middle


Sunderland Elementary


geometric design

Beach Elementary

Beach elementary

Calvert Middle

calvert middle

Huntingtown Elementary

Huntingtown Elementary

Mt. Harmony Elementary


Northern Middle

northern middle

Plum Point Elementary


Southern Middle


Windy Hill Elementary


Calvert Elementary

Calvert Elementary

Dowell Elementary

Dowell elementary

Mill Creek Middle

Mill Creek middle

Patuxent Appeal Campus

Pac campus

Patuxent High


St. Leonard Elementary


Windy Hill Middle


geometric design

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