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National School Library of the Year Application 2021: Engage

This is the electronic portfolio for the National School Library of the Year application for 2021 for Calvert County Public Schools.


ENGAGE: Demonstrate safe, legal, and ethical creating and sharing of knowledge products independently, while engaging in a community of practice and an interconnected world.


Students have access to Office 365 and the full suite of products, including email.  Students through 8th grade have email restricted to within CCPS.  Students in high school have full access. Students access Teams, Power Point, and Sway.  

Students are able to publish their work online starting in elementary grades using Wixie.

Students in high school had the opportunity to partner with the Smithsonian Institution to create documentaries about water which were part of a traveling Smithsonian display and a partnership with our public library and local film makers.

Read more about the documentary film project here: Smithsonian Documentary Project


Calvert Library writes more about Water Ways and the Museum on Main Street

Students had the opportunity to share in a human library at Calvert High School

We start teaching about creator rights and copyright in Kindergarten, introduce Noodletools in 4th grade, and focus on copyright and sharing ethically and responsibly throughout the entire school experience.


By providing high quality instruction, high quality resources, and collaborative teaching and learning, CCPS provides all students with an environment that promotes the ethical use of technology, copyright, and collaboration in a real world setting.


Student with bingo card

Image: This student told us she was so happy to engage with literature where she could relate to the characters!

students engaging with an author over skype

Image: Students engage with an author over Skype.

hungtingtown high school virtual book club

Image: Online? No problem!  HHS students engage with Ms. Younkers for book club.

student at computer

Image: We love our library too. Check out what her computer screen says!

popcorn machine

Image: Engagement comes in all forms....even bringing students into the library with free popcorn!

two students with world of words

Image: These two students are pretty pleased with their book choices and are engaged with literature.

Monster walks and pillow feet

Image: Who knew monster and zombie walks could lead to pillow feet?

staff book club

Image: CCPS librarian Theresa Remington hosts a staff virtual book club.  Our librarians encourage staff to read as much as we do students!

hour of code

Image: Students engaging with the yearly Hour of Code celebration that all school libraries in CCPS participate in!

free little library

Image: Student engaging with BAES' Free Little Library.

Image: PHS student shares quote during Read Woke Book Discussion Luncheon

Reading for love

Image: Engaging with REAL LIFE in the Library!

Virtual book club

Image: Even though we are learning virtually, CCPS librarians find a way to meet kids with engagement and excitement.

curb side pick up

Image: Even during a pandemic, we can check out books.  This cart represents one day of hold requests at CHS!

Mrs. Wolfe engaging with students

Image: Sally Wolfe, school librarian and SES TOY engaging with students in the library.

Mrs. Jenkins' Curbside Pick-ups

Image: PHS curbside pick-up service ensures students can still get their hands on some print books!

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