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National School Library of the Year Application 2021: Collaborate

This is the electronic portfolio for the National School Library of the Year application for 2021 for Calvert County Public Schools.


COLLABORATE: Work effectively with others to broaden perspectives and work toward common goals. 


In CCPS we offer opportunities to collaborate across all grade levels.  


  • In buildings with less than 5 classes per grade level, school librarians have a collaboration day where teachers can sign up for collaborative teaching.
  • Our students collaborate on projects together.
  • School librarians collaborate with teachers even when they cannot teach together - but each teaching some parts of the lesson.
  • Collaboration with the public library for lunch bunch reading clubs.

Middle and High School:

  • Collaboration for history fair.
  • Collaboration in ELA classes.
  • Collaboration with math teachers for hour of code.
  • Collaboration happens daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Collaboration with the public library for projects. 
  • Collaboration with the community for projects.
  • Collaboration with teachers in professional learning communities and in common team planning times.


students working on robots

Image: Students collaborate with the librarian and a parent volunteer on a robotics challenge.

hour of code

Image: School librarian collaborate with the computer science department for a school wide Hour of Code event.

hour of code

Image: High School students collaborate with elementary students to teach coding and robotics.  Collaboration between CHS and CES.

students collaborate during maker challenge

Image: Students collaborate during a makerspace tower challenge.

students collaborate to break out of a break out box

Image: Collaborating students break free of their digital break out boxes!

collaborating on research

Image: Students work in a group, collaborating during inquiry activities.

collaboration in the classroom

Image: Collaboration at WHES - librarian and classroom teacher during a flexible schedule pilot. 

collaborate girls who code

Image: High school students collaborate to teach coding to elementary students.

Collaboration between CHS and CES.

Teacher and Librarian Collaborating

Image: PHS Librarian and teacher collaborating and planning book tasting dates

rachael, jen, donna

Image: Collaborating and learning together! Setting goals.

collaboration after school

Image: School librarians come together to collaborate after school in packing up books for Jason Reynolds book clubs.


Image: The whole district worked together on this Jason Reynolds collaborative book club.

Book Clubs

In middle and high school, our English Language Arts (ELA) teachers have been collaborating with our school librarians to revamp and revise how we approach the teaching of our state standards.  Rather than read the "traditional canon" of books, such as To Kill a Mockingbird to meet state standards, our school librarians provide book club selections for our students.  Students can self-select books by genre, or by title and join a small group of students reading the same title or genre.  The school librarians collaborate for book tastings, book speed dating, and book selection.  We have seen an incredible amount of reading taking place in our middle school and high schools and have created a culture of reading that shines!  Self-selection of books rather than assigning books and the collaboration between ELA and school library have been a win across the district.  It's a win for students who choose what they read and a win for teachers who can teach the standards with more enthusiastic learners! 

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