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Huntingtown High School Library: Escape from DBQ Dungeon Project

Welcome to the HHS Library Learning Commons!

Replication Station-Online Test Prep

At this station, you should examine online practice APUSH exam questions from various sources.

Submit two sample questions to your team's page in the One Note Collaboration Page: one with a document excerpt and one question that uses an illustration (photograph, political cartoon, map, etc.).

Here are some links to assist you:

Multiple Choice Practice Tests and Answers

College Board 2017 Official Exam Practice Questions (See p. 8-28 with answer key at the end!)

College Board Course & Exam Description (See multiple choice practice from 254-260. Check answer key on 267!)

Khan Academy AP U.S. History Review (Hint: Click your time period to see quiz question on the left side.)

Khan Academy Multiple Choice Challenge Questions

Prep Scholar: Every AP U.S. History Practice Exam Available

American History AP Quizzes

New York Times Sample APUSH Questions

American History Online Learning Center pull-down menu for each chapter of history


Illustration, Synthesis and Contextualization Stations- use databases!

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