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Huntingtown High School Library: Group Behavior in Animals

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Databases: Search for specific animals, keywords, or topics


Flocking Together (Princeton University)

Swarming up a Storm: Why Animals School and Flock (NPR)

Social Behavior in Animals (see information under photo for flocking)

What does it mean to be a sheep? (University of California)

What is the science behind animals moving in a flock? (Indiana Public Media)


Herding (National Geographic)

Why do animals act they way they do? A herd is good (Michigan State)

Dog Breeds: Herding (American Kennel Club)

Herd (Britannica)

General Resources: Group Behavor in Animals

Get moving! The mystery of animal group behavior (Princeton University)

Collective behavior: How animals work together (Knowable Magazine)

Animal group behavior for kids (Generation Genius)

Overview of Animal Behavior (CK12)

Science Daily- Search news about the latest science discoveries in animal behavior from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.





Cooperative Hunting (Science Direct)

Hunting and Feeding Behavior (International Wolf Center)

Carnivore Lions (National Geographic)

How dolphins use tools, teamwork and trickery to get their dinner (National Geographic)

Overview of Animal Behavior-- migrating, hunting (CK12)


Flying insect swarms (Current Biology)

Fire ants & Swarming (Environmental Encyclopedia)

Predator confusion in swarming behavior (NLM)

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