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Huntingtown High School Library: Fake News

Welcome to the HHS Library Learning Commons!

Can you spot Fake News?

Every day, stories are published without facts or sources that can be verified.  These headlines might capture your attention, but be careful not to trust everything you see online. 

Directions: Using the guidelines and graphic organizer provided by your librarian, evaluate each of the headlines in Schoology to determine if they are real or fake. 

Headline: Las Vegas moved hundreds of homeless people... 

Headline: Several Injured In Zombie-Like Attack At Tennessee Walmart, As Man Tries To Eat His Victims 

Headline: Onoway apologizes for 'alarming' pink tap water 

Headline: Northwest Pacific Tree Octopus Sightings 

Headline: Exhausted Funeral Home Employee Cremated by Mistake While Taking a Nap 



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